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Ever Wonder what it would be like to change careers?

Coming from a family of attorneys, it seemed natural when I got my law degree and started practicing law. At first, I focused on real-estate law / closings for several years before realizing it wasn’t what I thought it would be; and I made the decision to transition into an in-house counsel corporate role for the next 7 years during which time I gave birth to my son. I was working hard and putting in long hours, but my job was taking a toll on my family and I was missing out on spending time with them. To make matters worse, some colleagues at work were upset that I wasn’t working late – even though I was in the office each day at 6:30 a.m. It was 2017 and I wasn’t experiencing full satisfaction in either my work or home life, so I began a journey reflecting on what really makes me happy, where I get passion and energy from, and how that might translate to my career. One realization? Almost everyone I knew personally and professionally recognized my strength and my brand as an “Organizing Queen,” and organizing makes me happy! About the same time I was doing research and due-diligence on the personal organizer industry, my husband saw a Sunday morning talk show piece about the National Association for Productivity & Organizing and brought it to my attention. Low and behold, there was a local chapter meeting being held the following week. I attended and, as they say…. the rest was history! In 2018 I started Make Peace With Organizing and I haven’t looked back since. My target audience are senior citizens and I provide a diverse range of organizing services for them [insert website link here]. If someone can have an organized life, it feels lighter; it feels better. I love helping others find that sense of happiness! It hasn’t always been easy; at first, I was beating myself up a bit because I’d never owned my own business before. I’ve learned along the way to keep moving forward with one step at a time, and that if something is your passion, then the persistence and effort are worthwhile… I love what I am doing and if anyone asked me for advice about making a big career transition, I’d definitely tell them “Never give up and always believe in yourself!” #makepeacewithorganizing #careerchange #lawyertoorganizer #feelingalive #goals #dowhatyoulove #passioniskey

Thanks Kristen Tagliamonte from Empowered Results with KAT for the journey story! More info on Kat can be found on her Facebook page Empowered Results with Kat. She can be reached at (617)930-1584/

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