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Meet your new workspace. Not the same as your old workspace.

Organization is important for any space to look neat and presentable while having utilization. Organizing means rearranging spaces, things or elements based on a rule or logic. It means putting things in order so they can be easily found or seen. De-cluttering and organizing a space can be something that most people don’t enjoy. It is also true that with many working full-time jobs, people will find it difficult to come back from work and then arrange their house. But for people who have less time and still want an organized environment in their homes, they can reach out to a Professional Organizer for professional personal organizing services.

Being organized has benefits which impacts your life. People say they feel a sense of control and have reduced stress levels. Many believe that an organized space is best for long term use and here are the reasons why.


Create soothing surroundings

Picture this - a space that is organized and neat looking versus a space that has a lot of things and appears cluttered. Which space would you choose to sit down and relax in or use as a workspace? The obvious answer is a neat looking space. A space that is a manifestation of your taste and has a sense of order can soothe you. If you see marketing catalogues, notice how a space is projected and it is the sense of peace that is being sold. This may not be an “on your face” sales offer but think about how items are represented in a picture. They will be set in a beautiful room and where things are arranged in order. You are automatically drawn to the picture. Entering an orderly home or office can make you feel much more relaxed while leaving the stressors behind.

De-clutter can reduce stress

A cluttered room is known to cause stress as the eye finds too much information to process at one go. Sometimes it can give you a headache too. It is a visual reminder that you have work to do. On top of this, if your home or office is cluttered, you will find it hard to locate things when you need them, leading to frustration.

Organization can help in saving

This can save time and money. If there are too many things in a room, you may end up-spending more time putting them away and not have enough time to look for other things. If an organized storing system doesn’t exist in your home or office, there are very high chances that you end up misplacing important papers and objects.Organizing is quite necessary for living and working spaces. We as Professional Organizers offer our services for homes and offices. We can be helpful, as we not only organize the office but help you in moving and relocation too. An office space must be well organized and de-cluttered. Make things organized - so that all-important files and papers can be located easily. They mustn’t be misplaced. Employees spend a good part of their day in the office and a clean office is inviting, as against a cluttered space that can be a put-off for employees. Today office spaces are designed to be more inviting and project a stress-free environment. All of this is done to improve productivity as employees perform better when they are in a clean and peaceful environment. Organizers can play a big role in achieving this objective. Employers can reach out to a Professional Organizer for their business organizing services for help and get a clean, orderly space at


Changes during Coronavirus

However, in the current scenario, due to the pandemic, the rules of organizing and arrangement have changed. No longer can people sit or stand or walk close to each other. As the virus is known to spread through aerosol particles from an infected person, more care has to be taken on how spaces are shared. Office spaces will have to be redesigned and reorganized to inculcate the rules of social distancing and sanitation. The following are a few ways in which an office space will change.

If there weren’t any cubicles earlier, now offices will have to use them. Offices were moving towards open spaces, without partitions. But now many have to rethink the design.

The seating arrangements would have to be revised to ensure that employees aren’t sitting too close. Alternate desk occupation and de-cluttering to access more free space will be necessary.

Temporary barriers for critical employees could be brought in. These employees are those who need to be present at the workplace and can’t work from home, like bank tellers. These barriers could include whiteboards which can be rolled in to prevent the spread of the infection.

The reception area would need to be redone to maintain distance in seating.

The same would have to go for meeting areas, cafeteria etc. The area would have to be organized in ways that would adhere to the distancing policy while utilizing space effectively.

If the area requires queues, such as food counters or water dispensers, then there would have to be eye-catching markings on the ground, so people see it and follow rules.

Break-rooms and corridors will also need redesigning to maintain distance. The corridors could have a one-way feature where the lane is divided into two. Break rooms could have distant tables or barriers between each table.

The above are some suggested changes that people are thinking about. There is still some time available before companies can think of bringing employees back. The actual reality that will exist in the future remains to be seen.


How can an Professional Organizer help?

Gone are the days now where people could share an office space or sit in close proximity. Today people need distance and to maintain this, companies and employers need space. We as an organizer can help here if you have limitations in terms of the number of employees versus the building or floors. We can suggest layouts and arrangements that create more space or change the arrangements in ways that allow natural barriers between two working employees. The extra space created can be used for social distancing measures. It is the little things that can create a safe working environment for employees.There is no doubt that companies will need organizers to better manage space as they would need more of it. We as Professional Organizers can not only manage a space better, organize and de-clutter, we can also make the area look good and pleasing to the eyes.

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