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Organizing is Fun...Said Nobody.....

My friends have called me the Organizing Queen due to my ability to juggle family and the demands of career. After practicing law for 8 years, I realized my passion was helping people create a more organized life so they can focus on what matters like spending time enjoying family and friends. Sharing this passion became my ambition and Make Peace with Organizing was created with the mission to help others reduce day-to-day stress, increase productivity and improve quality of life. I help people organize their homes, businesses, paperwork, finances and life!

Right now while we are all home is a great time to tackle spring cleaning or start getting organized for downsizing in the near future. You might ask where do I start? What is the process of organizing? It might seem overwhelming and daunting. I am here today to get you motivated! Start by getting on some comfy clothes, pull your hair back, grab a water bottle, put on your favorite music and you are ready to begin! I suggest to start with the area of the home most used, especially since its frequented more now than ever, of course the kitchen!

I chose this spot since families unite in the kitchen for family dinners and as a meeting spot during the day to catch up on the day's events. Families find that knowing exactly where all the kitchen gear is located creates a less stressful dinner preparation. I had a client whose life was transformed from me organizing her kitchen since the stress she felt by not being able to find items to prepare dinner was creating a toll on her children. Kitchen it is to begin! Now how do you begin?

Are your sleeves rolled up? Let's start with Step #1 – Purge – This step includes sorting through the area to be organized to determine the items to keep, give to a Charity, sell or store in a better location. At this stage ask yourself do I or will I ever use this item. Remember that less stuff means – less to clean, less to organize, less to store, less mess and less to move if your downsizing!

While in the purging stage – check the expiration dates on the spices in your cupboard. Spices lose their flavor over time and should be thrown away when expired. While purging you might find that you are buying products when you actually have extra in the back of a cupboard. This quick check will save you time and money. Ok how did we do with Step #1? We got through it right? :) Ok let's go onto glorious Step #2

Step #2 – Determine the best place for each item – items found in the kitchen might be used more regularly in other parts of the home. For example you might find 3 flashlights stored in the kitchen. Instead of housing them all in one location, move one to your bedroom and basement for safety. Another example would be a checkbook and bills. If you are writing checks for bills in your bedroom, your nightstand would be a better location for such items. Always think about where you will be using the specific item and house it in the general vicinity. Onto Step #3.

Step #3 – Create a system – when systems are put into place that are tailored to the individual an organized space is created. Professional Organizers can help with this process.

Step #4 – Put all items away – with Steps #1-#3 under your belt it's time to place all items in the kitchen away in an organized manner.

After finishing the kitchen, what areas do you think should be organized next? Do you have a room you pass by everyday and cringe at the sight? I suggest the family room, bathroom, basement and garage.

You might wonder – could a Professional Home Organizing company help? Professional Organizers help organize spaces. They offer support to help make decisions, give suggestions on where items no longer needed should go and create organizing systems. Professional Organizers are great listeners and create personal relationships with their clients helping them create a space that works specifically for them. They are nonjudgmental and understand it can be embarrassing so they make sure clients know all sessions are confidential. Make Peace with Organizing offers home decluttering, downsizing, and move management which includes packing/unpacking services. I am here if you need help with the process. Stay well and safe. Rachel

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