"Once Rachel de-cluttered and organized our basement, it was as if a heavy weight had lifted off my shoulders. Not only did we suddenly have a (labeled!) place for everything requiring storage, but it could all be easily found! This soon led us to de-clutter and organize other parts of our home, including the kitchen's all-purpose junk drawer. We're so thankful Rachel put us on the path to creating more space and calm by helping us rid our home of unnecessary stuff. I recommend her to every mom and dad I know."

Melissa, Marblehead

“I hired Rachel to assist me with family finances. I had a budget in place that wasn’t being used. She helped me to review my actual money movement amongst many different accounts and create an accurate budget. She set me up with a systematic approach for tracking cash flow. With a greater knowledge of where exactly my money is being spent, I will be able to save money towards higher goals. I haven’t even begun using the system yet & I feel clarity and greater ease in my life! “

Lauren B. , Wellness Coach

"Rachel of Make Peace With Organizing is amazing!! I am a working mom of 2 kids, and she helped me sift through years of accumulated papers, books, magazines, dvd’s etc in my living room - and it is now an organized, more enjoyable space for my family. With systems in place to keep it that way. We moved on to my kitchen, which I thought was not bad but she helped me to create so much more space than I thought I had. If you feel like you’re in a pinch to make dinner on weeknights and frustrated in finding the right pot or utensil, and everyone in your house feeds on that stress... Rachel is the one to call."

Amy, Salem

"Rachel is amazing at being able to look at a space an envision ways to make it most enjoyable and productive. She's a great listener and understands what her clients are trying to accomplish."

Karen, Marblehead

"I hired Rachel to help me with a small project and some big picture organizing ideas, and it was such a wonderful experience all around. She is positive, upbeat and personable, and she is undaunted by the size of any project. She pays close attention to detail. I found it incredibly helpful to have an outside perspective to help me organize my space. She suggested great things that I would never have thought of. I plan to hire Rachel for more projects!"

Susannah, Salem

Rachel is fantastic. I told her what I needed help with and she did just that. So great to have a motivator to help you get to the clutter that has been nagging at you forever. Great to have another pair of eyes to help you see a different perspective and get great advice at tackling organizing. Highly recommend!!!

Karen, Marblehead

I was happy to work with Rachel on my organizing home project. My goal in spending a few hours over a couple of days to organize our main living areas was achieved thanks to the magic, assistance and expertise of Rachel. I loved working with her because she’s disciplined, non-judgmental, caring and effective. I am planning on working with her again in a few months to bring order to our garage, basement and attic. If you’re thinking about hiring Rachel to help you with your organizing projects, stop procrastinating and just do it. You’ll be amazed at how much you will accomplish working with her. You’ll enjoy the end product - a beautiful space where everything is in its own place and peace and harmony make your work, thinking and processing flow effortlessly. <3

Diana, Marblehead

I worked with Rachel from Make Peace with Organizing and she was fantastic! I had a lot of items I needed to clear out of my attic with little time to make it happen. Rachel stepped in and took care of all the steps necessary to make it a reality at a very reasonable cost!!!

Allen, Marblehead

Rachel was so easy and fun to work with. She helped get my office in order just before busy season kicked in, then we moved on to the kitchen cabinets. She is thoughtful and kind in helping to get rid of clutter.

Alison, Marblehead

Rachel helped me get my office organized and it made such a difference! Rachel is so easy to work with and understands the particulars that are important to me as an Attorney. Thank you so much Rachel!

Debbi, Beverly

I am in the process of working with Rachel on my condo decluttering and organizing project. To date, we have completed 3 sessions, each one focusing on the big built in closets. In the last session, we turned what looked like a jam-packed entryway closet, into a storage area revealing lots of free space, complete with labels!!!!

Rachel is awesome! There is no judgement on the current state, only focus on what we can take action on. Each session she helps to stay on the task at hand, even with my 3 year old son "helping" us!

Before I called Rachel and asked for help, I was struggling to find time and motivation for home projects. Life was feeling heavy in my home environment and I felt as if daily tasks were a struggle. I was distracted and paralyzed by the overwhelm of a cluttered home. After our first session, I felt a huge relief and gave Rachel a hug signifying how grateful I was. 

I look forward to my continued work with Rachel as we tackle other cluttered and disorganized spaces HIDING behind my ikea cabinets!!! And not to mention, that each session creates an ENERGY that allows me to continue work on my own between our sessions. My only regret is not calling for help sooner! So with that, do not hesitate to welcome Rachel into your home and begin your process to "Make Peace with Organizing!"

Zoe, Cambridge

Rachel of Make Peace with Organizing is dedicated to helping make lives simpler through organizing and creating systems to keep you on track! She’s savvy and personable and committed to listening to her client and creating the best strategy to manage day to day life. With today’s busy world, she’s an invaluable resource to any household. Highly recommend!

Monica, Realtor

I own a couple of CrossFit and a boot camp gym in Salem and MHD Ma. I had Rachel come in and help me with our merchandise area which was very unorganized until she came and did her magic. We have since more than doubled our merchandise sales and people love how it is organized and have said “they had no idea this was a merchandise area before.” I highly recommend Rachel and Making Peace with Organizing.

Brandi, Salem

Do you want to be stress free? Rachel will make that happen for you! She is has a talent that a lot of people lack and is very trustworthy. I would refer her to anyone needing to organize any part of their life! 5 stars Rachel!!

Lacey, Lynnfield

"Rachel helped one of my senior clients when she sold her house. She helped my client get her house ready to show, which made the sale much easier. She also helped my client organize, pack and move, and unpack and organize in her new home. My client was thrilled! Rachel did a fabulous job."

Christine, Realtor

Rachel knows how to gently persuade would be hoarders to part with items. She worked with my husband on cleaning out his large closet, which had an accumulation of over 10 years of clothes. She took many bags of clothes to be donated at several places. Rachel was very patient with my husband and methodically went through every item (and there were a lot!) in the closet. The end result was an organized closet of clothes where he could finally see everything that was available to wear. If you have an unorganized mess/space, I highly recommend calling Rachel to help you get organized.

Kathy, Marblehead

Rachel is super responsive and professional.  She brings not only her advice to the table but her amazing character and trustworthy personality.  As a local realtor, I always look forward to the opportunity when I can refer Rachel to my clients.  Whether it's preparing a home to sell and helping with removing clutter and packing to assisting new buyers get settled and organized into their new home, Rachel is always up for a project!  I am grateful to know her!

Jen, Realtor

Rachel doesn't just tell you how to get organized — she gets her hands dirty! She helped us transform our attic, bathroom, and laundry room with great organizing tools and techniques.

Geordie, Salem

I highly recommend Make Peace with Organizing! Rachel organized my attic and garage and I feel like I have years added to my life. Thanks to Rachel and Make Peace with Organizing I was able to enjoy time with my family instead of spend weeks organizing these two spaces in my house. Rachel is profession and extremely efficient and gets the job done quickly. Thank you Rachel and Make Peace with Organizing!!!

Nicole, Newburyport

Loved hiring Rachel and Make Peace with Organizing. We tackled my attic, and I feel like I lost 20 lbs. It was in a total mess from moving in 18 months ago with a toddler and newborn and having no time to organize anything ahead of time. Rachel empowered me to donate and trash many items that I hadn't touched the whole time that we've lived in the house. I'm looking forward to having her back to organize my basement!

Emily, Essex 

Rachel is EXACTLY what I needed! Rachel is your first and last stop when looking for professional organizing assistants! She has a methodical approach to her skill practice, and I couldn’t have found a better teacher!!! She is able to adapt her expertise to my specific needs/wants and I cannot stop raving about her work!! I admit, I have difficulty finding “homes” for items, but now that Rachel has shown me specific ways of homing things, I have been able to follow her lead, on my own, and I tell you, it’s like a weight has been lifted! Yes, I have more work to do, but with Rachel’s guidance and teaching, my foggy path has been made much clearer, and that was within the first session she met with me! I am excited to continue seeking Rachel’s professional organizing expertise because she is teaching me skills from her heart, not treating me like a number on her to do list. Bravo Rachel!! I am forever grateful🙏🏼💫!

Erica, Beverly

We moved into a new house when I was 36 weeks pregnant and I literally could not have done it without Rachel. She unpacked and organized our entire kitchen. She went to the container store and bought the perfect items that would work with our space. She also went through all of my old toiletries and medicines and we tossed what was old or past expiration. She was able to fit all of our kitchen items into a much smaller space because we had downsized. Everything is perfectly placed and so organized. I can’t recommend her enough!

Jessica, Swampscott

As a realtor, I recently referred Rachel to one of my clients selling a home she lived in for over 50 years. Rachel was instrumental with helping her clean out the house and sell items online. Rachel saved my client a lot of time and stress....I'd highly recommend Make Peace with Organizing for any sellers that need to organize and declutter their homes before putting them on the market.

Julie, Realtor

Rachel is my go to person when my clients need help simplifying their lives by decluttering, organizing and creating a system to make their lives easier whether they need help to distill through years of belongings to make a move, need help setting up a kitchen, office, or tackling the chaos of a children’s room. Rachel has a special knack for listening and understanding her client’s needs whether large of small. I highly recommend!

Realtor Team

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