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Get Organized, Get Healthy

Updated: Jan 18

A Professional Organizer's Journey

Time waits for no one, no exceptions. When it feels like every second of everyday is occupied by the daily grind, time doesn’t take into consideration what makes you happy or what gives you peace. What if I told you I figured out a way to recoup time, quality time that has your peace of mind as the top priority? Would you believe me?

Every step taken to create balance is a step towards that allusive best life. We eat healthy so our bodies feel good, we exercise to build physical strength, sleep allows the body to heal, and relationships provide connectedness. Any activity that ends with a “namaste” is for the mind aimed at stress relief. When mind and body are connected, peace is attainable. Although this is not breaking news, it’s always a worthy reminder.

My journey towards a best life accelerated in 2018 when the television show CBS News Sunday Morning aired a segment on professional organizers. Within minutes I was Googling the local chapter; twenty-four hours later I was attending that chapter’ meeting in Waltham, Massachusetts. Here marked the end of my career as an attorney. I have four years of client hugs to attest I made the right decision to change careers.

Make Peace with Organizing, LLC was formed in 2018. Today, our team of professional organizers has helped more than 300 clients. What I’ve learned-to-date: the reward is in the exhale a client experiences after a couple of organizing sessions. The search for balance that relates to better health is one step closer to fulfillment. Let’s face it, the glamour and the glory of an organized pantry or a bedroom closet that no longer houses unwanted fashion 20 years outdated, both are headline worthy and are the shiny objects that occupy home reality television shows. But the feeling that arises from a decluttered basement or a well-functioning home office provides peace of mind. The mental and emotional benefits of being organized have no bounds. Chaos pitted against order; order wins every time. See before and after pictures once a bathroom or pantry is organized; the after pics wins every time.

Everything has its place and finding that place is one step closer to peace and balance. Stephanie in Beverly put it this way after working with Make Peace: "Rachel has a passion for organizing that transcends the practical needs of her clients. The name of her business says it all, she understands that organizing the chaos in our physical space gives us more time to focus our energy on what matters most. Don't underestimate how much your clutter affects you, reach out to Rachel, you'll feel so much better!!" Another client Nicole emphasized: “Rachel organized my attic and garage and I feel like I have years added to my life. Thanks to Rachel and Make Peace with Organizing I was able to enjoy time with my family instead of spending weeks organizing these two spaces in my house.”

Time is the parting gift a professional organizer leaves behind. No longer is the worry of clutter and lack of order impeding the drive to better oneself. Time waits for no one, no exceptions but a house in order frees up the moments that can be filled with a visit to a local farmers’ market with the goal in mind of eating better or perhaps it’s occupied by more reps at the gym to make the body stronger or maybe the time recouped is spent sitting around with family and friends living and laughing. A professional organizer gets you one step closer to living your best life.

This is the inaugural blog for Make Peace with Organizing. This space will be dedicated to an organizer’s journey and those who have entrusted me and my team into their lives. I’ll speak to the relationships formed, including those suppliers who share in my enthusiasm for organizing. No surprise my husband refers to the Container Store as my second home. Finally, I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the blogs dedicated to providing organizational tips; that lane is filled with other exceptional professionals.

The name of my company is a mantra. My passion to help others find peace in their surroundings gets me excited every day to-go-to work. Perhaps your journey towards living the best life can use a professional organizer. I know one that has your peace in mind. 😊

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